Gift recommendation

After our wedding we are going to travel for a longer period of time. We do not have a house for ourselves yet. This means that any gift that we cannot bring with us to travel will be stored in Portugal and has to be shipped to whatever country we will land eventually. For this reason we would just want to make it easy for all of us. If you have it on your heart to give us something then we would recommend to give us money. This is the most useful for us as it is easy to carry and helps us with the traveling costs. Feel free how to do this but if you prefer to do this digitally then here are our bank accounts for manual transfers:

  • Portuguese PT50 0033 0000 4544 0884 1320 5 (Ana Morais)
  • English 1909 5007 sort code 60-05-17 (Ana Morais)
  • Dutch NL98 BUNQ 2290 8548 67 (Steve Westhoek)

You can also use this payment link of you would like to pay with other payment options like a credit card by clicking here.

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